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1.  What is the camp refund policy?
For our first summer camp session, refunds can only be received with medical documentation on or before July 10th by 11:59pm.  For our second summer camp session, refunds can only be received with medical documentation on or before July 17th by 11:59pm. 

*Please note, the processing fee collected at time of registration, is non-refundable.


2.  What forms are required in order for my child to participate?
Participant or Parent/Legal Guardian Release Form, Medical Information, and Release Forms which MUST be completed prior to the start of camps. All forms are waivers can be accessed within camper portal: 


3.  How old does my camper need to be to stay in the dorms?

Campers must be 9 years of age or older to stay overnight in the dorms.  Campers who are 8 years old on the camp's start date are welcome to attend camp as commuters.


4.  Can Teams attend?


5. What items should my child bring to camp?
Athletic clothing 
Tennis shoes 
Water bottle
(no water fountains available, just bottle fill-up stations)
Spending money

Sheets* (Twin XL or comparable)




Personal toiletries* (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc)

*Overnight camp only


6. When is check-in for overnight campers, Day 1? 

Day 1 check-in will be in the assigned residence hall from 12PM-1:15PM, camp will start promptly at 1:30PM.


7. Where and when is check-in for commuter campers, Day 1?

Check-in on Day 1 will be at 1:15PM at Marrs McLean Gymnasium.  


8. How do I get to camp?
Marrs McLean Gymnasium is located on Baylor's campus across from the Bill Daniel Student Center. Click the map at the bottom of the page to get directions.  We do not provide transportation to or from any local airports and cannot provide lodging in the days prior to or following camp.


9. What meals are provided for overnight campers?
Day 1: Dinner

Day 2: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 3: Breakfast, lunch 


10. What meals are provided for commuter campers?

Day 1: Dinner

Day 2: Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Lunch 


11. Where do the overnight campers stay? 

The non commuter campers are housed in Baylor Dormitories with Baylor staff and will be directed to their assignment during check in. If you choose to attend camp as a commuter you may stay in a local hotel or return home at night. However, Baylor A&T will not be responsible for campers that are dismissed at night. 


12. Will parents be allowed to observe camp?

No. Parents are not allowed to observe camp. 


13. Is there a medical staff at camp?
Yes, an athletic trainer is available and observing at all times.

14.  Is there any COVID-19 policy?

As applicable.  Please note that as we continue to recover from a global pandemic, we will be required to follow safety procedures and guidelines set by the University, while hosting camps on Baylor's campus. At Baylor’s discretion, campers may be screened for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by Baylor University. For safety of campers, results will be shared with parents/guardian of direct camper and may be shared with potential other campers parents/guardians if applicable. Baylor may also share results with employees who have a need to know such information. Please note that Baylor University and Fee Mulkey Acrobatics and Tumbling camps are not responsible for the isolation and quarantine if a camper is exposed and/or is infected with COVID-19.


15. I have not found the answer for my question.
Please contact us!







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